Once upon a time, a family had a farm in western North Dakota. For many, many years, it was a peaceful place to live. The prairie was wide open; the people and cars were few.

Then, something happened to the family’s peaceful place: an oil boom! Thousands of people moved in, the wide open spaces got smaller, and oil wells popped up everywhere. The unemployment rate dropped and Help Wanted signs increased. The small towns became Boomtowns and almost couldn’t hold all the people. The classrooms couldn’t hold all the students. The roads could’t hold all the trucks. It was a boom, all right!

A few years later, the boom turned into a bust. Many of the people went back to their home states. But our family is still here. Living here isn’t always easy; but it’s still home and it’s still a great place to put down some roots.

A little about me: I live on the family farm with my talented and handsome husband Corey, our baby boy Kasen, and our two dogs Scout and Lucy. I teach high school English, try to sneak in some traveling whenever I can, and spend the rest of my time doing a whole lot of random things – it just depends on the month, the day, or the hour!

Here is my story and the stories of others like me, along with other random tidbits about life in the wild Midwest stemming from my love for many things: travel, photography, food, music, crafting, teaching, farming, and the outdoors.

It’s a crazy life… but it’s a good life.


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