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Where I’ve Been

I don’t always do well with change. For the past 16 months, I’ve gone through so many changes, I couldn’t keep up. I stressed out, lost sleep, moved twice (going on three times), took on two new jobs (going on three), found a husband, and adopted a dog. And although they’ve been mostly good changes, they came just a little too fast for me. During those 16 months, I also hit a serious writer’s block. I broke out of the block just once last spring to write about my new bike. Then I slipped back into life-change-overload.

I’m not naive enough to assume that every reader is dying to know every detail of my life, but I also feel a need to explain why this blog has sat empty for so long, collecting cyber dust. I just couldn’t let it go, though. Every October, I renew my blog subscription. When it came up last fall, I renewed it again even as I asked myself, “Will I ever write again?”

I knew I would, though.

Here is a brief summary of where I’ve been for 16 months:

December 2013: Returned from Asia. Started dating a great guy. Felt generally overwhelmed by reverse culture shock and living back at home for the first time in years. [See an explanation here.]

January 2014: Picked up a job teaching middle school English in my hometown.

March 2014: Turned 29.

June 2014: Became engaged to the great guy after only 6 months of dating. (But so what? He’s great!)

July 2014: Hired at a new job in my hometown. Took a trip to Boston. Started wedding planning.

August 2014: Started the new job, still teaching middle school English.

October 2014: Moved into a new house. Stressed out majorly over the state of my wedding dress, which DIDN’T FIT AT ALL and which the bridal shop told me was GOOD ENOUGH. I drove to the shop in Fargo numerous times on the weekends. Finally, I took it to a seamstress friend in Watford City, and she fixed it for me. She’s an angel.

November 2014: Got married. The day was freezing, but the dress fit, and the groom was the best part of all.

FullSizeRender (3)

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And, the new husband moved into the new house. Major learning curve began — living with a husband! I’m afraid I’m probably as challenging to learn to live with as he is. (Or more. I admit it. I’m getting persnickety in my old age.)

January 2015: Moved again, to another house. (It’s a long story).

March 2015: Turned 30. We adopted a puppy from the local shelter and named her Scout. Boy, is she cute.


April 2015: Decided to move back to the oil field! (Yes, it’s true!) My husband is going to work up there. So, I accepted a high school teaching job and resigned from my current job.

May 2015: Currently, here I am, struggling along, trying to pack up and clean up my house and find a place to live and make it to summer vacation and pack for a trip to Europe and restart my blog and brace myself again for the oil field! If I ever needed writing as therapy, it’s now.

What a crazy life.

I just can’t seem to help myself…